Member Rules

Singing in The Finnish Line is a dear hobby to us. We want to share the joy of singing together with as many of the current and future members as possible. In order to do that, the chorus has some basic rules we all must follow in order to make this hobby the best it can be. We have the potential to do something great that Finland and the world hasn't seen before!
  1. Learning the competition and concert repertoire is crucial for making each rehearsal efficient and enjoyable for you and the singers around you. Each singer must learn their part to a new song in less than 3 weeks. Learning a song means being able to sing it without sheet music in a chorus or quartet setting.

  2. To build a cohesive unit and sound, we must sing together as much as possible. Each singer is responsible for being present in mind and body during rehearsals every Thursday from 18.00 to 21.00. If you are unable to join for the full duration of the rehearsal or have to miss it entirely, please let Atte Heikkinen know in advance.

  3. Each singer in the chorus is responsible for renewing their yearly membership (January to December) using the membership renewal form. You'll find the form in the Finnish Line Members Facebook group. If you are unable to sing for the whole year, you must contact the chorus board and sign up for one term only using the same form.

  4. The chorus is always looking for new singers and friends! As a member you are responsible for spreading this hobby to singers around you. Tell your friends, invite them to rehearsals and let's grow together!

Year's Events

You'll find the current year's main events and some basic info below. If something is left unclear, ask about it on the Finnish Line Members Facebook group!
  • Quartet Brigade | 13.8.2019
    For the third year in a row, Pentti Paalu of Klipparkvartetten and Jussi Ratsula of Masters of Harmony (intl champion chorus) are initiating a "Brigade" for quartets. This one day event consists of singing a number of pre-determined songs in a randomized quartet of guys you may or may not know from before. There will be no time for checking sheet music, so come prepared to have a great time!

  • Harmony Boost | 28.9.2019
    The Finnish Line Chorus and Clubhouse Quartet are thrilled to host a crash course in barbershop singing for youth of all ages! Sign up at to get access to the learning material and to assure your free light lunch. The event is free and open to everyone. Come early and come prepared!

  • FABS 15th Anniversary Show | 26.10.2019
    The Finnish Association of Barbershop Singers, which is the head organization for groups like ours, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a day of workshopping and an evening show, which we will be a part of. Special guests are Trocadero (SWE), the 13th place world male quartet of 2018.

  • Christmas concerts with Lady Shave | 29.11.2019 - 30.11.2019
    We will be starting the Christmas season bright and early with two concerts in collaboration with the Lady Shave, a barbershop chorus form Porvoo! The 1st concert will be held in Porvoo on the 29th of Novermber and the second one in Helsinki on the 30th.

This Is Barbershop

Singing and doing aren't always the only ways to learn. We believe that listening and looking at great chorus and quartet performances is as important in learning what barbershop is, how it looks and how it sounds. You'll find a playlist of some solid barbershop videos below!